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Join the Indian Princess program in Weston

The Indian Princess Program is a Father-Daughter activity program that promotes strong bonds between fathers and daughters through shared activities such as campouts, monthly meetings, community outings, and individual and group competitions.

Introduction: The YPrincess Miccosukee Nation is based out of Weston, Florida but is open to all South Florida families and has been offering fun and adventure for over 14 years. Our Nation is organized into 9 tribes, Cherokee, Crow, Hopi, Iroquois, Mohave, Navajo, Pawnee, Seminole and Sioux.

Tribes participate in their own “tribe” events throughout the year and in “Nation” events. Registration to our program is a requirement to attend our Nation events which include three Nation Campouts each year one to the Keys (March), one to Disney (April) and our main Fall Campout called Circle F (October) where all the tribes compete throughout the weekend in activities to win our Nation trophy called the Coup Stick.  Other nation activities throughout the year may include a Father-Daughter semi-formal dinner dance, ice cream socials and a derby car race.  There are also recruiting type events like picnics and pool parties, these events are typically free to attend for first time attendees.

Individual Tribe events are organized by each tribe and are typically exclusive to the tribe and their families.  The success of the tribe depends on the drive and organization of its members. Tribes whose members all contribute and participate in events and activities derive the most rewarding experience from the Program.  While the Program focuses on the father/daughter relationship, it also fosters great and lasting friendships for both the daughters and fathers within the tribe.  These friendships often survive well beyond the term of the Program.

Getting Started:  Active recruitment rallies happen throughout the year in Nation recruiting events like picnics, pool parties, etc.  Please visit our Nation website at www.iprincess.org for information and to sign up for these recruiting events.  As an alternative you may also want to contact our partners, the Weston YMCA directly to get one of our recruiting event flyers.

For more information please contact pathfinder@iprincess.org.