Indian Princess
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The Indian Princess program is a Father-Daughter activity program that promotes strong bonds between fathers and daughters through shared activities such as campouts, monthly meetings, community outings, and individual and group competitions.

What is Indian Princess?

Indian Princess is designed to help a parent (or Guardian) and a child build a strong, long lasting relationship by spending quality time together doing enjoyable activities that help promote communication. Our Indian Princess Nation is an umbrella organization that covers 9 individual tribes. Each tribe consists of about 25 dads and one or more daughters. Families join at about age 5 and “break arrow” about age 15. Most of our members are in West Broward County, however, there are no restrictions.

Upcoming Event

No Flick and Float at C.B. Smith Water Park
August 17, 2024
 (10am - 5pm)
900 N Flamingo Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33028
Open Recruitment Event
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Benefits of the Program

The program provides many opportunities in many unique settings that you are unlikely to find otherwise. In the Indian Princess Program, a father and daughter go on a fantastic journey of learning and growing together in a program that encourages fun, understanding, and companionship with each other as well as with other fathers and daughters in the program. Together they build memories, self-esteem, and develop the foundation for a lifelong healthy relationship.
Benefits for Fathers:
For fathers, this program offers the chance to bond with your child on many levels and build a loving and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. This special relationship will help both of you during the often troublesome middle and high school years and may even influence important decisions later in life. The program also offers you the opportunity to meet and interact with other fathers and their children for a truly unique learning experience.
Benefits for Daughters:
For daughters, the program offers an opportunity for a wide and diverse circle of friends that often become more like a large family. The older kids usually take on the leadership roles, helping and teaching the younger kids while the younger kids look up to the older kids for guidance like they would a big sister. The program helps the children build self-esteem, develop a strong sense of identity, of belonging, and of personal accomplishment. The kids also get to witness first hand how other fathers and their children interact with each other.
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