A Father’s View of Indian Princess


Although I am unable to attend the game Friday, I wanted to voice in.  The reason I cannot attend is because I will be visiting the University of Michigan with my daughter Annie who is graduating in June and heading off to college, perhaps to Michigan.  Why do I mention this?  Because it was just a short 12 years ago that Annie and I joined Indian Princess.  She barely reached my waist and was shy beyond belief.  She was one of the “little girls” that all of the big girls took care of.  Then she grew taller, got more confidence and blossomed into a wonderful young woman.  We didn’t miss an event.  She would always ask me “when is the next meeting?  When is the next event?  When is the campout”?  It was all about Y Princess.  Annie made some of her best friends in the program and so did I.  More importantly, she and I shared some of the most memorable times of our lives together.  While it seemed at the time that we would be going to Circle F forever, it abruptly ended a few years ago when it was time for her to break arrow.  It blindsided me!  Now, in less than a year, she leaves for college.

Fortunately, I had a second daughter, Franki, who has shared I Princess with me for the past 10 years.  However, our time in the program is also coming to an end this year.  Circle F is just around the corner and she and I will be breaking arrow forever.  I want time to stop so that we can continue in the program, but it will not cooperate.  The harsh reality is that while we all get older, it seems like our daughters get older faster.

So…for whatever reason you are part of the program, take a few moments to consider the fact that you will NEVER get the time back that you have now to share with your daughters.

While the hockey game may not be your thing or you may have a conflict, consider making time if at all possible for whatever events are coming up, plan a tribe meeting each month, and make an effort to take advantage of the time you have now with your little girls.

Before you know it you will be taking them to college.

Alex P. Rosenthal