JD 2023

February 22, 2023
Just sit right back

And you'll hear a tale

A tale of a fateful trip,

That started from this tropic port,

Aboard this tiny canoe…

Or so the theme song goes. On this fateful canoe trip our heroes embarked on a three hour tour that turned out to be a seven hour tour. The mighty Mohave and a few brave Hopi created everlasting memories with their daughters as they traversed their way along the Loxahatchee River. Fallen trees as large as five feet in diameter lay in their way, but the group overcame adversity and conquered each obstacle. This is the stuff legends are made of.


Back at camp the princesses helped make dinner. Although the Dutch Oven dessert competition is scheduled for our April River Ranch campout, Gabby and Morgan made some delicious entries. Everyone will win this competition.

The highlight of the evening, the Picanha contest was not to be missed.

Alex from Hopi

Mike H from Mohave

Todd from Navajo

Rafa from Sioux

Each entry had their own “flavor” and the competition was stiff. Different cuts of meat, different preparation, different cooking methods, and different execution. In the end, there can be only one. Alex from Hopi was victorious. Congratulations Alex, although this should come as no surprise. Alex has been training his entire life for this.

Before you know it, it’s Sunday morning. Chief helping Chief and princess helping princess. The tents get packed, vehicles loaded, and trailer hitched. After the final inspection, Mohave and Hopi held a Roses and Thorns ceremony. Each princess introduced herself and provided a positive memory, a rose, and an experience from the weekend that can be improved upon, a thorn. The Dads also participated and spending quality time with their princesses was the overwhelming favorite rose. Thank you to all those who attended and a special thank you to Sioux for organizing this event and turning it into a traditional nation event.