Jonathan Dickinson State Park

March 4, 2020

February 8th and 9th

The Miccosukee Nation organized another great campout at Jonathan Dickinson State Park with special thanks to our Sioux Tribe for hosting.

I made the mistake of leaving after work on Friday and paid the price with traffic, but the drive was worth it. The park is very very nice and Sioux has everything planned. We set up our tents, unpack our gear, and admire primitive camping. The park did a great job making this area secluded from the rest of the park.

Look what they found.

There is something special about a bike ride on a trail.

Mojave Bikes
Nice bicycle Madison.
Camping and bikes go hand and hand.

Mojave and tacos? Yes they do. The pork tacos were amazing.

Mojave knows how to eat. Hopi thanks you for the hospitality.
Getting ready for the day.
Mojave goes horseback riding.

Mojave took advantage of horseback riding offered at the park. This park offers so much.

Great smile Morgan. She is ready for a fun day after a cold night.
The hammock is a huge hit.
Kids and Dads love swings.
David is Batman
Jorge is on top of everything.
The observation deck offers a great view of the park.

Thank you Sioux for another successful weekend. Let’s keep JD in the camping rotation next year.