Longhouse Minutes Jan 2018

January 10, 2018
7:05pm– Meeting began
David Morris announces that Annual Registration is required for all Nation events and the first one coming up is the Father/Daughter Dance on February 11, 2018.
Richard explained the costs associated with E-sign, Docusign and other online signing programs and it was determined that they were all too expensive for our needs.
  • Background check authorization forms are done manually now and is a strenuous process
  • The solution determined was to create a SKU and check box where the father would click to agree to a background check in addition to the father typing in his name in lieu of a physical signature.
  • Richard will build a prototype and send it out


Princess in the Park was discussed
  • At least 10 new dads come to this event
  • Tribes should promote their members to attend this event as new fathers and daughters who find commonalities amongst existing tribe members end up staying in the program. The more tribe members attending, the higher % chance of connecting with new fathers and daughters that would otherwise not join if they did not find anyone that they connected to.
  • Finalizing budget for Princess in the Park event but still waiting on the number of people who sign up.


Father/Daughter Dance updates provided by Danny
  • A vote was held to purchase a red carpet for this event and to store at either the Father’s residence that heads up this event or at a Nation storage unit which was provided by a member who took over the storage unit that the Sioux Tribe recently owned
  • It was agreed upon to hold the raffle throughout the event at staggered times
  • $100 gift card to Amazon was suggested and agreed upon
  • There was no opposition to purchasing the Apple Watch Series as a raffle item

Keys Camp out was open to discussion beginning with David opening the conversation about the BBQ event that will be held.

  • Challenges included flat top cookware which was immediately resolved by 2 fathers offering to send their flat tops to the Keys with whoever would like to take it down there with them.
Disney 2018
  • David mentioned that he is staying in contact with Jill to print towels instead of shirts
  • Danny and Darren announced that the shirts that were printed for Circle F(also provided by Jill) were purchased through a 3rd party vendor who purchased them directly from Josh Stern of the Navajo tribe.
  • Jill’s name was given to Darren so that he can contact Josh to see if we can get better pricing for printed towels.
  • Late registrants will not receive a towel or t-shirt and will be on their own for park tickets
  • Food truck/catering to be finalized
  • Firewood is an additional expense


May Rotated Event
  • Round Up was agreed upon as the May event for 2018 and will be confirmed by Pawnee
  • Cot of Round Up and CB Smith Park is about the same


  • Night at the Zoo was suggested
  • Sioux will set up Flick & Float event for August

7:46pm– Princess in the Park flyers were distributed by David and the meeting was adjourned

— Danny Gilmore