Longhouse Minutes

November 7, 2017
Longhouse meeting November 6, 2017. David Morris Nation Chief
7:08pm– Introductions
7:09pm– I.T. Reports
  • Nation Chief email address goes to David and Simon
  • Longhouse@iprincess.org goes to everyone in the Nation Council
  • AOL emails can not be used. Please step up your email game
7:12pm– Wampum Bearer Report
  • Balance $????
  • $???? @ bank-1
  • $???? @ bank-2
  • Ended year with a $???? positive balance!
  • We have used $???? in deposits for 2018 events (Disney, Keys, Circle F)
  • $???? was used to subsidize Circle F 2017
  • Circle F attendance was a record 324 attendees!!

Richard (Chief Gummy Bear) Motion to keep registration front end loaded. Pre-Funding an event. This motion was seconded by Hugo and was passed unanimously. 

Shout out to Sam (Chief Pork Butt) on a 2017 War Games well done!!
  • Circle F 2018 War Games will be timed

Breaking Arrow Ceremony– We are working on making this more time efficient

New Chief Ceremony– May be moved to Friday night
iPrincess Business Cards were discussed and was offered to be printed. No motion needed, this is just a really good idea, simple and was offered to be printed for FREE.
Markham Park Recruiting Event- Our Nation Chief would like to encourage all members of every tribe to attend this event! Even if you’re not recruiting, there will be a FREE BBQ, FREE entry if you mention the Indian Princess program at front gate, and reserved spots for camping out that night.
Father/Daughter Dance- A vote was held and the two most popular dates were around Valentines and Back to School. The dance will be held in either February or September 2018. TBD by Danny Gilmore and Adrian Gianini of the Navajo
Locker Space- Sioux tribe is offering to split half of their locker space for $50/month. Please mention to your tribe council.
Approx. 8:30pm– Meeting adjourned
— Danny Gilmore