2019 Jonathan Dickinson Campout

By Jorge Sierra, Chief Tesla, Sioux Tribe

On a gorgeous South Florida Friday afternoon, the Miccosukee nation began to arrive at the youth camping area of Jonathan Dickinson state park, for their second annual campout at the park.  Dads and daughters scoped out the campsite for the perfect spots to pitch their tents, and started settling in for a wonderful weekend. By nightfall, most of the nation had arrived, and everyone was having a great time.

Early Saturday morning, you could hear the sound of girls running around the campsites, giggling, and having fun.  The air was filled with the magnificent scent of bacon, sausage, eggs, french toast, and coffee. Dads played their part in providing their daughters and each other with early nourishment to start off their days filled with wonderful activities.

Some campers took to their bikes, enjoying the many bike trails that Jonathan Dickinson has to offer.  Others drove down to the river, rented canoes, and enjoyed rowing through the Loxahatchee River and observing the multitude of wildlife in and around the river.  Dads and daughters saw alligators, turtles, manatees, otters, and many other interesting animals.

Dads and daughters also took to horseback riding within the campground.  A few even went across A1A to enjoy the beach in Hobe Sound, just a short drive away.  The weather was superb for being in the great outdoors, and everyone took full advantage of the many activities the park had to offer.

Late in the afternoon, the Sioux tribe prepared a feast for the nation.  The Sioux chiefs (chefs, actually) were very busy making Philly cheesesteaks, roasted pig, picanha, baked beans, and macaroni.  By nightfall, customers were arriving and began consuming the marvelous banquet.

After dinner, there was even a special treat of fried doughnuts, fried oreos, and fried pickles, delivered to their campsites.  The nation enjoyed the dinner very much, and the Sioux were thrilled to host and were very pleased everyone had a great dinner.

After dinner, dads and daughters, sat by their campfires.  They watched the flames dance, as they talked, laughed, sang, and had a wonderful evening.  Some dads even saw a shooting star! It was the perfect final evening in Jonathan Dickinson.

If you did not attend this year’s event, be sure to sign up next year!  Space is limited, so be sure to sign up as soon as registration opens.

We are expanding

Indian Princess of Weston has added it’s 10th tribe. Comanche. 2019 is a great year to join. More information to follow as we just had our monthly Longhouse meeting and the details are trickling in.

Princess in the Park 2019

We had our first event of the 2019 year… Princess in the Park was held ar Markham Park on the border between Sunrise and Weston. The day began at 11am with a BBQ, DJ, YMCA supervised games, bounce house and bounce slide. At 3pm we transitioned to an overnight as some elected to stay in the primitive campgrounds. Nation Chief Pork Butt smoked a pork shoulder as the tents started to pop up. Two tribes even brought TVs and HD antennas so they could watch the late afternoon NFL games.

We had a great turnout of current and potential new members. It is fantastic to think we might be able to expand to a 10th tribe; which we will discuss at the next longhouse meeting on Monday.

To the families that expressed interest and joined us… The next step is the longhouse. We (the individual tribes) are going to review the names and figure out who’s going where and then the chiefs will reach out.

Longhouse 2019 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the 2019 longhouse meetings. Note that they are located in the conference room at the YMCA in Regional Park – Weston Florida.  We begin promptly at 7pm and try to get business finished in less than 1 hour… We generally hangout at Duffys afterward. While the Longhouse meeting is intended for the individual tribe chiefs and medicine men, all nation members, chiefs and princesses, are welcome to attend.

November 5
December 10
January 14
February 4
March 4
April 1
May 6
June 3
July 1
August 5
September 9
October 7

Princess in the Park 2019

Indian Princess is a great organization for dads and daughters to bond. This activity is the first of the year and an opportunity for non-members to get to know existing members, learn about the program, have a good time, eat some snacks and so on… Registration is required but free to attend.

Enjoy a day in the park with your daughter. Indian Princess is a program designed to build the bond between dads and daughters. Come out for a day of fun and to learn about the Indian Princess program in Weston sponsored by the YMCA of South Florida. There will be games and activities for girls of all ages (4~15yrs) and dads, food and drinks. Bring a chair and be ready for a day of fun!

EVENT DATE: Saturday, January 12, 2018 (optional overnight)

EVENT TIME: 10:00am – 3:00pm (Primitive camping overnight until Sunday 1:00pm)

LOCATION: Shelter 1 @ Markham Park (map link)

What do I need to bring? Well that’s up to you. If you are just joining us for the day then bring yourself and your daughter. We have some activities, food, music… but if you want to “primitive campout” with us… then you need a tent, sleeping bags, mattresses, toothbrush, bedtime clothes, “some” food and drinks. The sponsoring tribe usually has a plan. Not to mention that there is a gas station and a publix just around the corner.

Circle F 2018

The Seminoles took first place this year for the Coup Stick this year. Notably the competition was close and only a few points separated the tribes. It was anyone’s to win as there was a second place tie. Also worth noting Pawnee capsized it’s canoe in the canoe race.

The rundown for the weekend started on Thursday at 3pm when the camp opened for us since Broward County schools let out early on Thursday and Friday off. This is when most chiefs and princesses setup their camp and relaxed.

On Friday we spent the day at the lake canoeing, swimming, sliding and blobbing. We had 3 professional lifeguards with eagle eyes and an abundance of dads keeping the princesses safe. Some princesses were chasing tadpoles, small fish and making castles in the sand. Some tribes rehearsed for the the skit on Saturday. Others just relaxed. After dinner we had a  new princess bonfire, and an ice cream social.

Saturday began with breakfast in the lodge and a morning schedule of activities that included horseback riding, archery, rock wall with zipline, and the alpine course. The Circle F staff instructed and encouraged the princesses. It was great to see the girls grow in so many ways.

After lunch we started with the first heat of the canoe race, followed by the relay race that looked more like a game of survivor with the puzzle element, and then the finals of the canoe race.

After dinner we had the skits followed by a breaking arrow ceremony for dad’s and/or daughters leaving the program. This is a bitter sweet moment as you realize that the years of indian princess culminated in this moment. The bond between father and daughter is very special and to be cherished.

Finally on Sunday we started with breakfast and then started breaking down the camp. All of the cabins, cabin decorations, tents, sleeping bags, clothes, towels, shoes, food, trash and so on. And then the drive home.

We were dirty, exhausted, but happy to have spent the weekend with our kids and our friends.

Minutes Longhouse meeting March 5, 2018

Called to order 7:00pm

  1. Discussed email system. It was decided that we would continue to use current email system for nation chief, longhouse and for nation as a whole
  2. Discussed Annual Registration. 305 total/130 dads/175 daughters. It was decided that each tribe would be given list of who has already registered
  3. Discussed Father Daughter Dance-kudos to Danny Gilmore and dads who put on dance. It went well. Budget only slightly in red (about $1,000) which was our target for event
  4. Discussed Keys-have 22 families and 2 dads staying in an RV also. We discussed food for the weekend and events. It was suggested that people go to the Butterfly house
  5. Discussed upcoming Disney event-the beach towels have been designed and we are working on cost estimate for embroidery. We need to get a PA system and music for Saturday night dance party. We are still working on food-getting estimates from Dave and Busters vs food trucks. We discussed event is eminent and need plan a.s.a.p.
  6. Discussed Rotating Nation Event-details for Roundup event are posted on our website
  7. Discussed Circle F Theme-“Places in the World”

Adjoined 7:40pm