Daddy Daughter Dance 2018

This year the nation moved the dance to Weston Hills Country Club. This was not much of a move since it’s always close to home, however, this year we outgrew last year’s location. And for some of our members this was their first event of many to come.

Welcome and How How.

There was plenty to do:

  • nail art
  • spray tattoos
  • photo booth with plenty of props
  • DJ spinning all our favorite tunes
  • there was even a drink bar for the girls
  • and there was a raffle with plenty of cool prizes from a fine cognac to Miami Heat tickets… and a grand prize of an iWatch.

The party started at 5p with pictures under the balloon arch… Buffet dinner, and then dessert. The DJ kept up the beats and the action was non-stop.

Gear for Circle F

One of the chiefs on Pawnee brought a “rocker” to Circle F-2017. Year after year we raise the bar on our patio furniture. I cannot wait for 2018.

Longhouse Minutes Jan 2018

7:05pm– Meeting began
David Morris announces that Annual Registration is required for all Nation events and the first one coming up is the Father/Daughter Dance on February 11, 2018.
Richard explained the costs associated with E-sign, Docusign and other online signing programs and it was determined that they were all too expensive for our needs.
  • Background check authorization forms are done manually now and is a strenuous process
  • The solution determined was to create a SKU and check box where the father would click to agree to a background check in addition to the father typing in his name in lieu of a physical signature.
  • Richard will build a prototype and send it out


Princess in the Park was discussed
  • At least 10 new dads come to this event
  • Tribes should promote their members to attend this event as new fathers and daughters who find commonalities amongst existing tribe members end up staying in the program. The more tribe members attending, the higher % chance of connecting with new fathers and daughters that would otherwise not join if they did not find anyone that they connected to.
  • Finalizing budget for Princess in the Park event but still waiting on the number of people who sign up.


Father/Daughter Dance updates provided by Danny
  • A vote was held to purchase a red carpet for this event and to store at either the Father’s residence that heads up this event or at a Nation storage unit which was provided by a member who took over the storage unit that the Sioux Tribe recently owned
  • It was agreed upon to hold the raffle throughout the event at staggered times
  • $100 gift card to Amazon was suggested and agreed upon
  • There was no opposition to purchasing the Apple Watch Series as a raffle item

Keys Camp out was open to discussion beginning with David opening the conversation about the BBQ event that will be held.

  • Challenges included flat top cookware which was immediately resolved by 2 fathers offering to send their flat tops to the Keys with whoever would like to take it down there with them.
Disney 2018
  • David mentioned that he is staying in contact with Jill to print towels instead of shirts
  • Danny and Darren announced that the shirts that were printed for Circle F(also provided by Jill) were purchased through a 3rd party vendor who purchased them directly from Josh Stern of the Navajo tribe.
  • Jill’s name was given to Darren so that he can contact Josh to see if we can get better pricing for printed towels.
  • Late registrants will not receive a towel or t-shirt and will be on their own for park tickets
  • Food truck/catering to be finalized
  • Firewood is an additional expense


May Rotated Event
  • Round Up was agreed upon as the May event for 2018 and will be confirmed by Pawnee
  • Cot of Round Up and CB Smith Park is about the same


  • Night at the Zoo was suggested
  • Sioux will set up Flick & Float event for August

7:46pm– Princess in the Park flyers were distributed by David and the meeting was adjourned

— Danny Gilmore

Longhouse Minutes

Longhouse meeting November 6, 2017. David Morris Nation Chief
7:08pm– Introductions
7:09pm– I.T. Reports
  • Nation Chief email address goes to David and Simon
  • goes to everyone in the Nation Council
  • AOL emails can not be used. Please step up your email game
7:12pm– Wampum Bearer Report
  • Balance $????
  • $???? @ bank-1
  • $???? @ bank-2
  • Ended year with a $???? positive balance!
  • We have used $???? in deposits for 2018 events (Disney, Keys, Circle F)
  • $???? was used to subsidize Circle F 2017
  • Circle F attendance was a record 324 attendees!!

Richard (Chief Gummy Bear) Motion to keep registration front end loaded. Pre-Funding an event. This motion was seconded by Hugo and was passed unanimously. 

Shout out to Sam (Chief Pork Butt) on a 2017 War Games well done!!
  • Circle F 2018 War Games will be timed

Breaking Arrow Ceremony– We are working on making this more time efficient

New Chief Ceremony– May be moved to Friday night
iPrincess Business Cards were discussed and was offered to be printed. No motion needed, this is just a really good idea, simple and was offered to be printed for FREE.
Markham Park Recruiting Event- Our Nation Chief would like to encourage all members of every tribe to attend this event! Even if you’re not recruiting, there will be a FREE BBQ, FREE entry if you mention the Indian Princess program at front gate, and reserved spots for camping out that night.
Father/Daughter Dance- A vote was held and the two most popular dates were around Valentines and Back to School. The dance will be held in either February or September 2018. TBD by Danny Gilmore and Adrian Gianini of the Navajo
Locker Space- Sioux tribe is offering to split half of their locker space for $50/month. Please mention to your tribe council.
Approx. 8:30pm– Meeting adjourned
— Danny Gilmore

How do I join Indian Princess

Joining Indian Princess is no different than any other social organization but some navigation is required.

The easiest way to join is if you or your daughter know people. If you have family friends or classmates that are members then you’ll likely get along fine and those members will help you navigate the process.

However, if you are new to the area and don’t know anyone in the program then the easiest thing is to wait for one of our two recruiting days. In 2018 our first event will be January 20-21. Representatives from all 9 tribes will be there, including their daughters, and this will give you a chance to learn about the program, the differences between the tribes, giving you a chance to see where you might fit in.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the council’s Path Finder. This council chief is responsible for recruiting and in the absence of a recruiting event or possible scheduling the Path Finder can help direct you to a tribe that night be well suited for you and your daughter.

I hope this answers some of your questions… If you decide to join us for a recruiting event I hope you will RSVP through our store (at no charge; merely for managing the headcount for food)  Although you would be responsible for the minor entrance fee to Markham park.

… Richard – Chief “Gummy Bear”.

Circle F 2017

What a great weekend!!! From the early arrival on Thursday, beach water play on Friday and Saturday, new princess fire-walk, breaking arrow, war games, canoe race, skits, chili cook off and the awards ceremony… in no particular order.

Coming Soon – Circle F

Circle F is around the corner and I know Pawnee is getting excited about it and we hope you are too. Set your calendar for Oct 20-22. Note that Thursday Oct 19 is optional and offered at no additional cost. The Indian Princess store will be updated and online any day to allow you to signup and pay for the event. Remember that you must be a registered Indian Princess member.

This year’s theme is ERAs. Also a number of changes have been made so make sure to check with your tribe’s chief.

Here is a fun video from 2002.

Fort Wilderness 2017 – Disney World Orlando

By: Danny Gilmore of the Navajo Tribe


Hello, my name is Danny Gilmore of the Navajo Tribe. NAVAJO! I joined the Y Princess Father/Daughter group back in the Spring of 2013. After 4 years of my personal experience in this group, I’ve learned that there are so many fathers who are dedicated to building a strong relationship with their children. There are many events in this program that allow you to do just that. But if time only allows you to be around like-minded fathers during the monthly get togethers, it would be a great experience for both the father and daughter. As your bond with your daughter grows stronger and the memories that you create come to pass, you will see how time will allow you to experience more. I always enjoy meeting fathers that have different perspectives on raising children and how they build their relationships with them. It’s so common to see a new father enter a group and are surprised that they already know a few members! LOL! And if you don’t know any of the fathers already, you and your daughter(s) will be welcomed to the program in a way that makes you feel like you’ve known everyone for years. We are truly fortunate to have such a program available to us. I’m very thankful. My daughter, Destini, and I hope to meet you soon! NAVAJO!!!

Fort Wilderness

Fathers!  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend quality time with your daughter in the great outdoors while enjoying some water activities………..………in Disney??? Apparently, that’s EXACTLY what happens at one of the Father/Daughter Y Princess events!

Singing tunes, joking around and sharing fun stories from your past are things that you’ll do while driving to the magical land that awaits you and your daughter’s arrival. Then the realization hits you! Sharing 3 hours together with your daughter without any interruptions is an amazing byproduct of these events and we haven’t even arrived yet!

The cheerful staff of Disney’s Fort Wilderness [Orlando Florida] greets you and points you in the right direction. As you park, your group welcomes you and helps unpack your car. After unloading, your most important helper looks up to you for guidance in how to set up the tent(this is another awesome bonding experience with your child). After setting up your tent, it’s time to change and jump in the pool! The clear and sunny skies are a perfect backdrop to starting your camping trip.

On the first night, help your daughter make smores with your tribe around the campfire, stop by the Navajo Campsite for their famous “Grilled Cheese Social” or throw some dinner on the grill! Burn off some calories and shoot some hoops on the basketball court located right in the middle of the campsites!

After a good night’s rest and a fresh start, it’s time to head out to the water parks!! You and your daughter’s choice of Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach! No explanation needed on how much fun you and your princess(es) are going to have here. You can bring your own lunch or buy it there! When arriving back to the campsite, you’ll find that the organization has already prepared an early dinner! Perfect, after a fun-filled, sun-filled day. Then there’s no telling what’s going to happen on Saturday night! Every year it’s different. All you have to do is be prepared… have more FUN!! Hope to see you there!!!


Danny Gilmore

Father Daughter Dance Tonight

Tonight was the annual father-daughter dance at the Jacaranda Country Club in Plantation and it was a full house. The theme was “ties and tiaras” and everyone was dressed to the nines.

There was a photo booth
professional photographer
DJ with dancers
Buffet dinner and desserts with everyone’s favorites
a rose ceremony
a sing off
a dance off
nail painting
and airbrush tattoos.

The Jacaranda Country Club was packed and we had a great time.

Key West 2017

Riding down the one lane US-1 highway with a van full of excited Indian Princesses was the pinnacle of my week. On our way down, we all stopped at Robert is here for well deserved milkshakes. Then we were off to Key West. Mile marker 0.5 came quicker then expected. Kids piled out of the van and the tents got set up. It is remarkable how much stuff we have to bring for these short weekend camping outings. Next up is dinner. If the Seminole tribe knows anything, they know food. Wings, salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, shrimp, pasta. Before long, all empty stomachs are full. The kids enjoyed running around with their friends. One of the things that makes this camp out special is that all of the tribes intermingle into one tribe. For one weekend, there is no Pawnee, Seminole, Hopi, etc. We are all one tribe. The kids run around together covered in glow in the dark paraphernalia. Princesses with glowing necklaces, bracelets, glasses dot the beautiful Key West site.

Kids finally run out of steam and then it is Daddy time. It catches your breath to sit with the other chiefs and watch the water from this beautiful location. It definitely relaxed all of the stresses that life has thrown me lately. I tell people, all the time, that the Indian Princess activities are fun but not relaxing, however, for a moment, that wasn’t true. Sitting there and hanging out with my good friends Chief Gummy Bear and Chief Axe In Tree alone was worth the trip down to the Keys. And this was just Day One.

Day two, we get up with the sun. More great Seminole food (eggs, several pounds of bacon thanks to Carl’s generous bacon budget, pancakes, etc). You would think I would be full for a month. Then off to tour beautiful Key West. Key West is truly unique. I went to undergrad at the University of Texas. Austin is very different and quirky.  So is Key West although it is quirky in a very different way. One obligatory picture at the southern most point and then to Higgs beach. I have to admit that I don’t really like beaches or sand for that matter. But this was a special day. Dads hanging out and girls running around. Digging in the sand, building sand castles, walking out to the sand bar to hang out. That is the stuff that fond memories are made of. We took a ton of pictures but the pictures don’t do it justice. Oh yes, an impromptu B