Jonathan Dickinson State Park

February 8th and 9th

The Miccosukee Nation organized another great campout at Jonathan Dickinson State Park with special thanks to our Sioux Tribe for hosting.

I made the mistake of leaving after work on Friday and paid the price with traffic, but the drive was worth it. The park is very very nice and Sioux has everything planned. We set up our tents, unpack our gear, and admire primitive camping. The park did a great job making this area secluded from the rest of the park.

Look what they found.

There is something special about a bike ride on a trail.

Mojave Bikes
Nice bicycle Madison.
Camping and bikes go hand and hand.

Mojave and tacos? Yes they do. The pork tacos were amazing.

Mojave knows how to eat. Hopi thanks you for the hospitality.
Getting ready for the day.
Mojave goes horseback riding.

Mojave took advantage of horseback riding offered at the park. This park offers so much.

Great smile Morgan. She is ready for a fun day after a cold night.
The hammock is a huge hit.
Kids and Dads love swings.
David is Batman
Jorge is on top of everything.
The observation deck offers a great view of the park.

Thank you Sioux for another successful weekend. Let’s keep JD in the camping rotation next year.

Markham Park Picnic 2020

Thank you Mohave for a successful picnic and campout. Every January we can count on you. The food was great, the bounce house racecourse was a hit, and the YMCA staff kept our Princesses entertained.

When the morning activities settle down it is time to set up camp. Each tribe claims their usual place. It is a beautiful sight to see fathers and daughters working together to assemble their tents. This is Primitive Camping?

There is a hiking trail that runs along the campsite. The girls search for sticks for the campfire later, build forts, and observe nature. Our Hopi tribe has some skilled builders.

Hopi on the trail.

The Comanche Tribe is strong. They do not even need a table.

It’s S’mores time! Everyone gathers around the campfire to roast marshmallows and reflect upon the day. We are lucky to have this time with our girls. Some of us are starting our journey with Indian Princess, and other are seasoned veterans. No matter where you are in the cycle, S’mores are always a crowd pleaser.

Just like that dawn breaks and campers begin to wake. The parade of people walking across the grounds must mean its time to splash some water on your face and gather your belongings. Another successful bonding experience with our daughters. Do not put things away for long, our next campout is February 7-9, 2020 – Jonathan Dickinson State Park Campout (Hosted by Sioux)

We. So. Pawnee.

Circle F Dude Ranch
Lake Wales, FL
October 17 – 20

The weekend began like any other.  Fathers and Daughters pack their vehicles with camping supplies, cabin decorations, skit costumes, and Halloween candy.  The battle cry “We So Pawnee” begins as a whisper.  Campers arrive at Circle F Dude Ranch excited for the weekend ahead full of horseback riding, Alpine course, Archery, the Odyssey ropes course, The Blob, canoeing, and so much more.  Memories will be made this weekend to last a lifetime. The bond between father and daughter grows stronger. 

After a scenic drive up US-27, Circle F Dude Ranch comes into view.  The seasoned veteran is excited to see the Odyssey ropes course completed, and the first timers realize this will be a great weekend. We assemble tents and canopies to create a tribal common space.  The girls claim their bunks in the cabin.  The chant of “We so Pawnee” is louder than a whisper now.

Thursday night is the first night of a terrific weekend.  Each tribe settles into their routine.  Some tribes make dinner, some go out.  Tribal traditions run deep.  “We so Pawnee” gaining steam.

Friday is the first full day of camp and everyone is taking full advantage of the lake. Kayaks and canoes are occupied by dads and daughters.  Are they practicing for a canoe race?  My girls love the Blob and swim most of the morning.  What is that sound in the distance? “We so Pawnee.”  More Chiefs arrive as the day continues, and the cabin decorations begin to make their appearance. Skit preparations are also underway. We have Archery and the Rock Wall with Zipline. The fun never stops. 

The aroma of chili means it’s time for the chili cook-off. Mia from Hopi put her heart and soul into her Chili and received second place for her effort.  Way to Go Mia. 

Congratulations Pawnee for claiming First.

  1. Pawnee
  2. Hopi
  3. Navajo tied with Cherokee

It’s Fire Walk time.  The torch is lit as the walk begins at Pawnee and travels through camp gathering Chiefs and Princesses and ends at the Nation bonfire. Nation Chief Sam Rupert welcomes us to the circle where each new Chief and Princess proudly announce their names.  This ceremony also marks the transfer of Chief duty for each tribe to their incoming Chief for 2020. The evening concludes with an ice cream social provided by our Navajo tribe.  Thank you, Navajo.

Saturday begins with horseback riding for the Hopi tribe, followed by the Alpine course.  Thankfully the weather did not affect our morning ride.  How was horseback riding Madison? “Good quality time with my Dad and friends.”  The Alpine course has a swing section and a challenging climb. There is nothing too difficult for our girls. 

Tabletops are completed and judged.

  1. Pawnee
  2. Mojave
  3. Sioux

Cabin Decorations

  1. Pawnee
  2. Navajo
  3. Mojave

Congratulations to the Seminole Tribe for their second year in a row as First place canoe champions.

  1. Seminole
  2. Sioux
  3. Crow

War Games

Hopi finished with the second-best time, but Sioux emerged victorious. The obstacle course proved to be just as challenging as last year.  It is always fun do cheer on our daughters.

  1. Sioux
  2. Hope
  3. Pawnee

Skits are a highlight of Saturday night. “We so Pawnee” can be heard across camp.  Congratulations to Pawnee for a terrific skit performance.

  1. Pawnee
  2. Mojave
  3. Seminole

For some, this weekend marks the last Circle F and to commemorate the achievement we have a Breaking Arrow Ceremony.  Whether it is your first, last, or somewhere in between time watching a Breaking Arrow Ceremony you cannot help but be moved.  The years go by way too fast, but everyone can see how meaningful our organization is.  Father daughter “Bond”-ing is a two-way street; our daughters make us better fathers and we prepare them for the road ahead. 

Sunday concludes our festivities with the Awards and Coup Stick Ceremony. Yes, We so Pawnee.  Congratulations Pawnee Tribe for a well planned and executed Circle F experience. 

Round Up presented by Pawnee

September 22, 2019

Thank you Pawnee

This is the second year for our Round Up event, and it was a success. Our Chiefs and Princesses were dressed in their best flannel, cowboy hats, and boots. Everyone looked great. The evening began with instructor led line dancing and by 8:00 we looked like professionals. Daughters dancing with their Dads is a memory they will have forever. I believe my dance moves improved as the evening continued, but that may just be a side effect of having fun with my girls.

Hopi 2019

The Miccosukee Nation is all about our Princesses. Thank you Pawnee Tribe for making this an evening to remember.

Miccosukee Nation helps Kids in Distress

The Miccosukee Nation participated in this year’s Backpack Drive for the Kids in Distress organization. 

Kids in Distress offers community-based programs such as prevention, intervention, foster care, family counseling, and educational programs such as preschool and aftercare. The Backpack Drive was a great opportunity to introduce our Princesses to community service. 

Chief and Princess creativity come to life like Crayola. 

The girls enjoyed this hands on activity. They picked the backpacks, folders, notebooks, etc. Each bag has a personality.

Helping Dad help others is a great way to bond with Dad and give back to the community.

Ariel, Lightning Chief, and Princess Pink Mist are always eager to help. 

A letter of thanks:

Thank you to all of you wonderful donors! Yesterday I delivered the last of our total of 75 back packs to the agency and the employees there were so happy!

I so appreciate your generosity in packing and flexibility in delivering to me. These packs were overflowing with goodies and treats, adorable outfits and shoes and necessary supplies that will make these children so excited for the beginning of their school year!

Thank you and I look forward to our next drive together!


Great job Princesses and Chiefs