Upcoming Flick and Float

If you’re interesting in joining Indian Princess and you need more information or you want to meet the group of dads and daughters then bring your bathing suit and join us at the Weston YMCA at Regional Park. Pizza and Soda will be provided. Also you can float in the pool and watch Moana. Friday August 16th from 6p to 9p.

Father Daughter Dance 2019

The Miccosukee Nation proudly held our annual Father Daughter Dance at the Bonaventure Resort this past Sunday and it was a success. The Daughters outshined the Dads of course, and everyone enjoyed themselves. There is no better way to end a successful school year welcome the summer break than a bonding experience with your daughter(s).

Madison kindly braided my beard, and Morgan hand picked the bows. One braid per Daughter seems fair. They spent all afternoon getting ready for the big night. It’s 5:00 and do not want to be late for the Dance. Thank you girls for being ready to leave on time.

Bonaventure is not too far from home, but the drive seemed quicker than usual. The early arrivals have Silent Auction items that we help bring inside. The decorations are great, and we grab a quick photo Under the Stars.

The music is playing and we are dancing. Chief Pork Butt can be seen in his natural habitat, on the dance floor.

Chief Good Spirits is new to the Seminole Tribe, and his Princesses love our organization. It’s great to see new faces.

I asked my girls about the food, and they both loved the selection of pasta, salad, chicken, fries, and dinner rolls. I think dessert was their favorite. They love cookies.

The best part of the night for us is when the Dads give roses to their daughters and slow dance. It’s not often when we take the time to be present and appreciate how special this time with our family truly is. They are only young once.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the silent auction and to those who bid. This year is a success and Circle F will be here before we know it. Have a great summer.

Steven Kopf

Chief Fat Daddy

Madison- Princess Animal

Morgan- Princess Ice Coffee

Disney April 2019

Thanks for joining us!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Steven Kopf

April 25, 2019

Some of us arrive early to setup camp. The Princesses play while the tents are assembled. Soon after, it’s time for dinner. The Chiefs start the grill, and get to cooking. Hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, zucchini, and vegetarian options are available. After dinner S’mores are always a good idea. We are on Daddy Daughter time, but we still wash up and brush our teeth, then off to bed in our luxurious tents.

April 26, 2019

The camper start waking around 07:00 am and know our Hopi Chief will have breakfast served at 09:00 am. The Hopi Medicine Man assists the Chief with scrambled eggs, bacon, turkey bacon, tater tots, and an assortment of cereal to satisfy the Tribe.

After breakfast we head to the Meadow Swimmin’ Pool for some fun on the slide. Some find the hot tub inviting. Disney pool staff organized games and chalk drawing. The Friday of our Disney Campout is all about your tribe. Some of us went for a bike ride and saw a deer.

Madison, Morgan, and I went to Disney Springs with David and Carly and ate lunch at the Chicken Guy. Disney Springs has so much to offer from shopping to dining.

It’s back to camp and time to help new arrivals setup their tents. We work together as a tribe and as a nation. After all, we are all in this program together.

Some tribes have a cookout for dinner, and some tribes like Hopi go out to GameTime in Ocoee. We would like to send a special thank you to Chief Mike Abecassis for hosting us and planning a great evening of bowling, video games, and dinner.

Back to camp and time for bed. Yes Mom we brushed our teeth.

April 27, 2019

Wake up! We are going to Blizzard Beach!

Chiefs prepare breakfast, and Princesses are happy. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and cereal for everyone. It’s organized chaos as park tickets and flip flops are dispersed. Off to Blizzard Beach.

At Blizzard Beach, and sunblock is my best friend. It’s time for slides and the wave pool. Maybe a lazy river too.

Time for lunch. There are vegetarian options other than salad which may offset the carnivore meals we’ve had already.

More sunblock, and back at it. Summit Plummit, Slush Gusher, and The Wave Pool rounded out the day.

Back to camp to get ready for the Nation dinner. Special thanks to Mike Abecasis for providing a wide variety of food choices, and plenty of it. I personally enjoyed adding chicken to my Cesar salad. with a I even had a Cherry Coke. My girls went back for seconds of everything.

As the evening continues, everyone knows Hopi is preparing the midnight buffet. This tradition predates my memory. I need to reach out to past Hopi Chiefs to see it I can find out how it all started, but nevertheless the tradition continues.

Before we know it, the evening comes to an end everyone settles in for the last night. This is another successful and fun filled Disney Campout.

Thank you to all Tribes and Chiefs for a great weekend.

2019 Jonathan Dickinson Campout

By Jorge Sierra, Chief Tesla, Sioux Tribe

On a gorgeous South Florida Friday afternoon, the Miccosukee nation began to arrive at the youth camping area of Jonathan Dickinson state park, for their second annual campout at the park.  Dads and daughters scoped out the campsite for the perfect spots to pitch their tents, and started settling in for a wonderful weekend. By nightfall, most of the nation had arrived, and everyone was having a great time.

Early Saturday morning, you could hear the sound of girls running around the campsites, giggling, and having fun.  The air was filled with the magnificent scent of bacon, sausage, eggs, french toast, and coffee. Dads played their part in providing their daughters and each other with early nourishment to start off their days filled with wonderful activities.

Some campers took to their bikes, enjoying the many bike trails that Jonathan Dickinson has to offer.  Others drove down to the river, rented canoes, and enjoyed rowing through the Loxahatchee River and observing the multitude of wildlife in and around the river.  Dads and daughters saw alligators, turtles, manatees, otters, and many other interesting animals.

Dads and daughters also took to horseback riding within the campground.  A few even went across A1A to enjoy the beach in Hobe Sound, just a short drive away.  The weather was superb for being in the great outdoors, and everyone took full advantage of the many activities the park had to offer.

Late in the afternoon, the Sioux tribe prepared a feast for the nation.  The Sioux chiefs (chefs, actually) were very busy making Philly cheesesteaks, roasted pig, picanha, baked beans, and macaroni.  By nightfall, customers were arriving and began consuming the marvelous banquet.

After dinner, there was even a special treat of fried doughnuts, fried oreos, and fried pickles, delivered to their campsites.  The nation enjoyed the dinner very much, and the Sioux were thrilled to host and were very pleased everyone had a great dinner.

After dinner, dads and daughters, sat by their campfires.  They watched the flames dance, as they talked, laughed, sang, and had a wonderful evening.  Some dads even saw a shooting star! It was the perfect final evening in Jonathan Dickinson.

If you did not attend this year’s event, be sure to sign up next year!  Space is limited, so be sure to sign up as soon as registration opens.

We are expanding

Indian Princess of Weston has added it’s 10th tribe. Comanche. 2019 is a great year to join. More information to follow as we just had our monthly Longhouse meeting and the details are trickling in.

Princess in the Park 2019

We had our first event of the 2019 year… Princess in the Park was held ar Markham Park on the border between Sunrise and Weston. The day began at 11am with a BBQ, DJ, YMCA supervised games, bounce house and bounce slide. At 3pm we transitioned to an overnight as some elected to stay in the primitive campgrounds. Nation Chief Pork Butt smoked a pork shoulder as the tents started to pop up. Two tribes even brought TVs and HD antennas so they could watch the late afternoon NFL games.

We had a great turnout of current and potential new members. It is fantastic to think we might be able to expand to a 10th tribe; which we will discuss at the next longhouse meeting on Monday.

To the families that expressed interest and joined us… The next step is the longhouse. We (the individual tribes) are going to review the names and figure out who’s going where and then the chiefs will reach out.

Longhouse 2019 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the 2019 longhouse meetings. Note that they are located in the conference room at the YMCA in Regional Park – Weston Florida.  We begin promptly at 7pm and try to get business finished in less than 1 hour… We generally hangout at Duffys afterward. While the Longhouse meeting is intended for the individual tribe chiefs and medicine men, all nation members, chiefs and princesses, are welcome to attend.

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